Bixa Botonical - About Us

Our story

More than a company, Bixa Botanical is a dream - to share the collective knowledge of five generations of a family with the world; secrets of Herbal Healing that have been painstakingly accumulated over the last 140 years.
In 2015, this dream took its first step towards becoming reality, with Bixa products being made directly available to consumers. However, converting dreams into reality takes time, and effort. And the greatest effort for preparing Bixa herbal products is put in by a group of farmers and tribal families across India, from magical mountains to forbidden forests.
The next step in getting the Botanical products ready for you is the processing of these beautiful, healthy plants into a form that can be safely consumed by you. The herbs are exclusively processed in the company’s ultra-modern in-house facilities. This allows the use of the freshest-possible ingredients for maximum health benefits. Needless to say Needless to say, these factories have all the relevant certifications like ISO, GMP, Kosher, Halal....and more.
Each product that comes out is then tested comprehensively, and only products that pass the strictest quality controls are allowed to go out of the factories. And after all these stages, more than 100 botanical products are offered to wellness-conscious and discerning consumers across the world, in the form of herbal powders, herbal extracts in vegetarian capsules, and Herbal tisanes.
These herbal offerings not only have excellent curative properties, but also help in maintaining the body’s health, that too without any side-effects. So why don’t you too put yourself in the nurturing hands of Mother Nature, and let her heal your body, the natural way.