5 Natural and Herbal Powder for Women's Health Management

A woman passes many milestones throughout her life, and her health should stay top-of-mind every step of the way. Women's bodies go through tremendous changes throughout their lives, which leads to different types of health issues for varying age groups. Women's health management focuses on those aspects of well-being that pertain disproportionately or solely to women. Women's health management is not limited to physical, emotional, and social aspects and disruptions that alter a woman's quality of life. Women, who are vital in maintaining healthy families, access the health system more than men, both for themselves and on behalf of their children.


During times of physiological change, women are more susceptible to mental health issues like depression, anxiety, and eating disorders. Even the reproductive system affects many stages of a woman's life. Estrogen levels directly affect many physical changes women experience during adolescence, adulthood, and old age. Menopause begins in the late 40s and early 50s in most women. It officially starts when a woman goes an entire year without menstruating. During this time, estrogen and progesterone levels change. As estrogen levels decrease, many tissues in the body, including the breasts, lose nourishment and elasticity. However, when combined with good exercise, diet plans, herbal supplements, and make some better lifestyle changes, you can experience fantastic improvements in your health management.


5 Natural Herbal Powder For Women's Health Management.


1. Amla Powder -It can protect us against countless problems, be it the common cold, cancer, or infertility. Daily consumption has also been linked to overall eye health improvement like it helps reduce cataract problems, intraocular tension, reddening, itching, and watering of eyes. It has anti-bacterial and astringent properties that boost one's immune system. Amla Powder aids in reducing bad cholesterol and also helps stimulate insulin production, thereby reducing the blood glucose level of people with diabetes. Be it arthritis-related joint aches or painful mouth ulcers, amla can provide relief because of its anti-inflammatory properties.


2. Aloe Vera Powder - Consumption of pure Aloe Vera powder increases our immune system because it strengthens our immune system without any side effects or allergy. It can control acidity levels. It can help with the digestion problem by maintaining acid/alkaline and pH balance. The best use of aloe vera is for soothing and healing stomach ulcers. It improves skin and hair health by hydrating, nourishing, and accelerating the regeneration of tissue. As a result, it is said to slow the ageing process.

3. Bibhitaki Powder Bibbitaki powder is a natural tonic. When mixed with water and applied as a poultice on minor skin irritations, treats them very soon. It's is suitable for cold, hoarseness of voice, and asthma. It prevents ageing, imparts longevity, boosts immunity, improves mental faculties, and enhances the body's resistance to diseases. It helps in lowering cholesterol and blood pressure. It is also instrumental in pacifying all three doshas, especially Pitta and Kapha dosha in the body.


4. Ashwagandha Powder - Ashwagandha powder is a Sleep Tonic. Its focus on its beneficial effects on stress, anxiety, and sleep as the herb is just so complex, with a wide range of actions and indications. It keeps your mind healthy and avoids hormonal imbalances caused due to excessive cortisol in the blood. Working on your stress level helps keep signs of ageing at bay. It helps to improve body composition and build up strength in your physique. It is also known to reduce oxidative stress in your brain, boost memory, fine-tune task performance and increase attention spans.


5. Bhringraj Powder - It is one of the best Herbal powder to restore the tissues of the skin. It also enhances the quality of hair, bones, teeth, eyesight, and memory. It treats greying of hair and helps to reduce hair fall. It helps to detoxify the blood and decrease pain and inflammation. Also, it cures liver and kidney disorders, digestive disorders and boosts heart health. Bhringraj's anti-bacterial properties help to flush out harmful bacteria that can cause disease in the urinary bladder. It also helps to reduce discomfort and restore the normal functioning of the bladder. It treats skin problems, makes skin radiant, beautiful, and soft.


Bhringraj powder is considered a Rasayana or rejuvenator.


Herbal powders help in adding both flavours to your meals and boost your health. Although herbal powder can work wonders independently, they function most effectively when used as part of a healthy lifestyle – a balanced diet, detoxification, regular exercise, relaxation, stress management, adequate sleep, and emotional/spiritual fulfilment. We believe that prevention is better than cure, and all these herbal powders will contribute to building up your body to resist illness.

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