Improve Sleep Quality By Using A Natural Nervine Sedative

You need a sound, uninterrupted sleep of about 6-8 hours every night for your well-being. However, if you are facing sleep issues or disorders, you are not the only one. Did you know that 62% of adults around the world feel that they have difficulty sleeping well when they retire to bed? From stress, anxiety or other medical conditions to bright lights in the room and poor sleep habits, there are various reasons why your sleep quality might be getting affected.


Some of the ways to sleep better are:


- A minimum of 2-3 hours of gap between your last meal of the day and bedtime.
- A consistent bedtime routine.
- 30 to 45 minutes of exercise at least 5-6 times in a week.
- Avoid day naps or at least limit it to 15-20 minutes.
- Stay away from screen time at least 1-2 hours before sleep.
- Block any natural/artificial light and noises from the room.


    In case, these lifestyle changes still do not aid in good sleep, you might want to consider taking a natural nervine sedative.


    What is a Natural Nervine Sedative?


    A natural nervine sedative is made from nervine herbs which are beneficial for the nervous system. This sedative is a plant-derived substance, which makes it completely safe and effective for consumption.


    There are various kinds of nervine herbs that have therapeutic effects on your body. As far as good quality sleep is concerned, nervine herbs such as Ashwagandha, Tagara, Mandukaparni, Jaiphal and Vacha extracts are especially useful. Let’s understand in detail how of each of these nervine herbs improves your sleep quality:


    Ashwagandha Extract:


    It contains alkaloid somniferrin which is known to calm the mind, nourish muscles and nerves, and switch your body to sleeping mode. According to a study, Ashwagandha root extract has sleep-inducing potential and can be effective to treat insomnia and anxiety.


    Tagara Extract: 


    A sweet aromatic herb, Tagara contains essential oils and valepotriates that give a feel-good factor to the mind and body, apart from assisting in sleep. One of its components – valerenic acid which restricts enzyme-induced breakdown of Gamma Aminobutyric Acid (GABA), which is considered the primary inhibitory neurotransmitter of the brain. It also contains alkaloids with medicinal qualities and methyl apigenin with hesperidin, both of which can increase deep sleep.


    Mandukaparni Extract: 


    Also known as Gotu Kola, Mandukaparni is considered a natural brain tonic. It contains triterpenoids, saponins and alkaloids which help in alleviating anxiety by inducing tranquillizing and anabolic activities in the brain. When the stress goes down, sleep hormones work more effectively.


    Jaiphal Extract:


    Jaiphal or more popularly called nutmeg by its English name is quite a popular nervine to treat sleep disorders. It contains an essential oil that can uplift the mood, calm down your mind and body, and enhance your sleep quality and cycle.


    Vacha Extract:


    Vacha is a tried and tested Ayurveda herb that keeps stress at bay and relaxes the mind. Due to its antioxidant and analgesic properties, it is known to cure insomnia and help you sleep better.


    How to Consume a Natural Nervine Sedative?


    You can consume natural supplements such as BixaCalm capsules that contain sleep-inducing nervine herbs. You can gulp down this capsule with a glass of water or pour its contents in a smoothie or salad. 


    Natural nervine sedatives are an effective remedy for good sleep. However, it is also important that you inculcate healthy lifestyle habits to improve the natural rhythm of your sleep cycle.


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